About Us

Rail Systems Engineering Sdn Bhd,  Malaysia was founded in 2008 with the purpose to provide engineering services for Railway Operators and the supplying industry.

Shortly after, in 2009, Rail Systems Engineering teamed up with Open Track Railway Technology GmbH of Switzerland and became the South East and East Asian representative for the its simulation software OpenTrack.

Being based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; we have a strong customer base in Southeast Asia especially in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Korea. We also provide our services in other ASEAN countries such as Taiwan etc.

The Malaysian team key strength is everything around a Timetable:
1) Railway Operations Planning
2) Simulations (Runtime and Power)
3) Traffic management Systems
4) Further engineering & design verification with regards of operational requirements.

Rail Systems Engineering AG Switzerland was founded in 2017 and it is based in Wallisellen, Switzerland. This marked the building of a legal entity of what was for sometime already more like an outpost of the Malaysian company.
Being based in Wallisellen, Switzerland we provide our services for Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world.

The Swiss team’s strength lies in consulting for ATP systems, planning on migration strategies for change of system. This includes Retrofit of older Rolling stock with up-to-date ATP systems including installation or installation supervision and testing and commissioning plus getting the government approval for the newly installed system.

From the 1-man-show in 2008, the company grew to 8 full-time employees based in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Wallisellen.  Rail Systems Engineering has offices in Kuala Lumpur and Wallisellen. Looking into ongoing projects, the growth is likely to continue.


This year, Rail Systems Engineering Group combined both core competencies in rail operation and in train control, and participated in the Swiss SmartRail 4.0 contest “ATO GoA2 over ETCS L1/LS”. See more in the ATO page!

Rail Systems Engineering’s approach focuses on the large number of rolling stock in service that are not equipped with the latest ETCS equipments. The approach is adoptable to most other ATP system in service.

In Rail Systems Engineering, our objective is to achieve ATO operation by developing our own ATO system in-house and implementing it on test train (picture).
The target: On 1st Dec 2019, our system has to be operational and running the system in the test train . The system will then be tested together with SOB (Switzerland’s South Eastern Railway) on their sections of the Swiss Railway network.


The founders and owners of the companies are both by now more than 25 years in the railway industry. Both are Swiss, studied in Switzerland and started in the supplying industry with turnkey projects first in Switzerland and later gone international.
The Malaysian Team consist of local engineers but all with higher education and international experience. Senior engineers, some part time, round up the team and bring in years-long experience in their respective skills.

Rail Systems Engineering