Viriato - Plateway

We are the local representative for Malaysia and surrounding countries (ASEAN-countries) for Viriato Timetable planning software of SMA+Partner in Switzerland.
Viriato is an integrated timetable planning tool that allows users to optimise the railway planning process.
Viriato provides timetable planners with a suite of applications addressing all aspects of the timetable planning process.

Viriato has been designed with a modular architecture allowing the user to work with the features that are required for the planning task that they are undertaking such as;

  • Netgraph
  • Graphic Timetable
  • Customer Timetable
  • Calendar
  • Connection Clock
  • Running Time Calculation
  • Platform Occupation
  • Network Visualization Map
  • railML Timetable Import/Export

Graphic Timetable for Capacity Visualization
Running Time Calculation Example
Conflict Detection for Train Capacity
Platform Occupancy

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