Supporting tools

RSE OT Toolbox

OpenTrack runs with files. The input database, the files of the model and the outputs are all stored in specific directory folders. The organisation of the files are properly structured so that OpenTrack knows where to find them for processing.

Therefore, to ensure a standard file organisation to all our customers, we have created OT Toolbox. It is an .exe file that allows users to setup new OT projects, to navigate through files and folder of OT and to make backup.

The best part is we give this for free to customers who purchase OpenTrack from us.

OT Keyboard

OT Keyboard is a customised keyboard made for OpenTrack. Users can easily access and control the functions of OpenTrack from the keyboard itself.

One of the keys to highlight is the simulation control (red buttons on the keyboard). It can slow down the animation’s speed in OpenTrack. Of course, there is also a “return-to-normal-speed” button.

This is useful whenever users want to check out something specific (e.g. track reservation, track occupation, signal aspects) from the simulation. With this, it is no longer necessary to go through the menu bar in OpenTrack.

There is a lot more functionalities in this keyboard. Let’s come over and discuss!

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