OpenPowerNet is a traction power supply and train performance simulation software developed by  Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH, BO Dresden.

OpenPowerNet works hand-in-hand with OpenTrack for power simulation by utilizing infrastructure and time-table operations from OpenTrack.
  • Load flow analysis for 1AC, 2AC and DC networks
  • Calculation of tractive effort for OpenTrack
  • Calculation of braking effort and recovered energy for network simulation and analysis
  • Advanced train model with tractive and braking current limitation, power factor versus voltage, recovery braking, eddy current braking etc.
  • Engine model with multiple propulsion systems is available
  • Automatic calculation of the magnetic coupling between conductors
  • Modelling of power supplies such as rectifier/inverter, transformer, converter (SFC)
  • Modelling of station energy storage for stabilisation of line voltage and energy saving
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