Functional Testing of Rail Systems Engineering’s ATO system for Mainline Trains has been successfully completed on Switzerland’s SOB railway. In this project, the system is designed to run GoA2 over ETCS L1 Limited Supervision (LS). The ATO Onboard Unit (RSE-OBU-1) is now approved for operations in Switzerland.

We are now ready commercially to provide a complete ATO solution. It consists of:

  • The Onboard Unit
  • The Trackside Server
  • Remote Operations (GoA4)


The Onboard Unit (RSE-OBU-1) is fully ERTMS-compliant. Its unique integration into the trains control unit allows it to control mainline ETCS and pre-ETCS trains. The OBU is completely independent of the trains’ existing ATP system and it works with all generations of rolling stock.

Furthermore, thanks to the modular setup of our OBU, it can run on any conventionally signalled railways (e.g. non-ETCS lines). Smaller networks or standalone railway can link to their own train control systems, transmitting via RSE’s simple communication channel and protocols.

Our ATO solution is not only GoA2 ready, but it is also possible to extend it to GoA4 especially for certain complicated railway operations, for example, trains stabling and shunting.

All in all, the benefits of running ATO in your railway can be for energy saving or even increasing the line capacity for a significantly lower budget.

Please refer to the next page for more information about our ATO Trackside Server.

Rail Systems Engineering