smartrail 4.0 is a Swiss national collaboration program driven forward by the four railway companies SBB, BLS, SOB and RhB as well as the Union of Public Transport (UPT). They seek to get the railways systems ready for the digital future. New systems are being developed to achieve lower costs, greater capacity, better punctuality and increase in safety & energy efficiency.

Our involvement in smartrail 4.0

ATO GoA2 over ETCS L1/LS

Rail Systems Engineering’s approach focuses on the big number or rolling stock in service that is not equipped with the latest ETCS equipment. The approach is adoptable to most other ATP system in service.

In Rail Systems engineering our objective is to achieve ATO operation by developing our own ATO system in-house and to test it on our own train. (picture) The target: On 1st Dec 2019 our system has to be operational and run on our own train. The system will then be tested together with SOB (Switzerland’s South Eastern Railway) on their sections of the Swiss Railway network.